Modules are housing for your training content. Learn ways to configure them to fit your L&D goals and strategy.


Shape your content to match your culture and training needs with engaging eLearning and in-person templates.


Learn the ins and the outs of the who's and the whats, because people are the heart of every LMS.


Design, branding, customizable page organization. Go ahead, dive into the nuts and bolts of your LMS.


Learn how the platform tracks compliance and the many other quantifiable aspects of training.

Modules: Getting Started

Before you get going, take time to familiarize yourself with the concepts behind modules and the features and functionalities at your fingertips.

Content: Getting Started

Content: the meat and potatoes of modules. Ice cream to the waffle cone. Furniture to the house.

Reports: Getting Started

This is a high-level overview of the role reports play in your site. Think of it as a way to stand on your tippy toes for a look at just how deep in the weeds you can go with reporting.