Reports: Glossary

Report Title


Audit LogAllows you to see any and all changes made to a module, profile field, piece of media, event, or test—as well as who made the change and when the change was made.
Badge Award ReportAllows you to see who has received a specific badge within the system, how it was awarded, and when.
Badge Nomination ReportAllows you to see who’s been nominated for a specific badge within the system, who they were nominated by, and when.
Certification Award ReportShows you which employees have received a specific certification, how it was awarded, the date it was awarded, and when the certification expires.
Checklist Results ReportShows you results specific to an in-person observation. Within the report you’ll see who the observee was, who observed them, the outcome (pass/fail/not attempted), the number of attempts, and the details specific to the observation (notes, etc).
Cumulative Activity ReportShows every single piece of content within the system, as well as an overall number of views and completions.
Dialog Activity ReportShows you how many dialog posts have been made by users over a certain length of time. You’re then able to see the title of their post, which discussion board it was posted to, and when.
Dialog Comments ReportShows you any comments made by users on another user’s dialog post. Also shows you the post on which the comment was left, and when.
Email Log ReportDisplays all emails that have been sent through the Community Broadcast function of the system. Report will show the email subject, body text, number of users sent to, the date it was sent, who sent it, and the number of failures (i.e. email addresses that did not receive)
Enrollment Change LogThis report shows any changes made to an enrollment set. Those changes include being enrolled or unenrolled in a specific piece of content. This will show the module in which the change was made, the name of the enrollment set where the module lives, as well as the date the change was made.
Enrollment Set ReportThis report shows data regarding a specific enrollment set. Data includes the number of users enrolled in the set who have completed the content, as well as the number of enrolled users who are overdue on content.
Enrollment Status ReportShows the total number of modules/courses in which a user is enrolled, as well as how many of them the user has completed. From there, you can see the titles of those modules/courses, the date in which they were enrolled, the deadline for enrolled content, the date when the content was viewed, and whether the user has completed it.
Likes ReportShows user ‘likes’ on all modules, user contributions, and comments throughout the system. Will also display the title of item liked by the user, as well as when the like was made. Can also pull likes specific to an individual module.
Media Access ReportThis report allows you to see what media an individual user has accessed. You can filter by ‘views,’ ‘views and completions,’ and ‘not viewed.’ This pertains to the following media types within the system: documents, videos, images, checklists, tests, homework, and flashcards.
Module Activity ReportProvides a high level overview of activity within a module. Activity includes total number of views, total number of completions, total number of comments, and total number of likes over a specified timeframe.
Module Comments ReportThis report shows any comment left on a module within the system. The report also provides the title of the module in which the comment was left, the comment itself, as well as the date the comment was left.
Module Completion ReportAllows you to see total module completions broken out by individual users OR module completions associated with a specific piece of content. Either way, this report shows you the title of the content completed as well as the date it was completed.
Module Exception ReportWill show whether an individual user has viewed and/or completed a specified piece of content. Also shows you the total number of users with access to the content in question.
Modules ReportThis report displays every piece of content within the system—active or inactive. It also shows you how many views that piece of content has received, number of likes, who the piece of content was created by, when the content was created, when the content was last updated, and when the content was activated on the front end.
Module Views ReportShows total number of views broken out by individual over a specified timeframe. For each of those views, you’ll receive the date and time in which the user accessed the module.
Observation ReportThis report allows you to see an individual’s performance within a specific observation. Performance metrics include an overall pass/fail, the number of attempts used, and any notes associated with the observation.
Profile Field and Value ReportAllows you to pull information specific to any profile field available within the system. Information will include each of the values included within the field, as well as how many users are associated with that value.
Profile History ReportShows any changes made to a user’s profile over a specific timeframe. Will display the profile field that changes, the old value prior to the change, the new value after the change, who made the change, and when the change was made.
Recognition Message ReportThis report shows all recognition messages sent during the specified timeframe. The report also shows the name of the user that sent the message, the number of messages they’ve sent, who those messages were sent to, the message itself, as well as the date it was sent.
SCORM/AICC ReportShows information pertaining to a specific SCORM/AICC file. Information includes the user’s best score, the number of attempts, the date of the last attempt, whether they’ve completed the file, the date completed, as well as the total time spent within the file.
System Activity ReportShows system wide data over a specific timeframe. Data includes, but not limited to: cumulative logins, number of active users, number of profile photo changes, number of recognition messages sent. This report also displays data specific to published modules, user contributions submitted, and dialog board vitals.
Test ReportAllows you to pull information specific to a test within the system. Information also include users that have attempted the test, the number of attempts used, the number of attempts allowed, the average score across those attempts, their best score, and the date of their last attempt.
User Contributions Media ReportDisplays all user contributions submitted through the system. It shows the user that submitted the contribution, the type of media submitted, the title of the submission, and the date it was contributed. The title of the submission also hyperlinks to the submission itself on the front end of the system.
User Login ReportDisplays total number of logins—broken out based on individual user—over a specified timeframe.
User Media Comments ReportAllows you to see any comments made on a user contribution within the system. It displays the title of the contribution the comment was made on, the comment itself, as well as the date the comment was left. The title of the submission will also hyperlink to the submission itself on the front end of the system.
User Points Log ReportDisplays how an individual user has obtained points within the system. The report displays the actions taken, the number of points earned by each action, and the date of the action.
User ReportThis report shows all users in the system, their usernames, total number of points, how they’re managed, whether they’re active or archived, their total number of logins, the date their profile was first created, and the date of their last profile update.
User Transcript ReportBased on an individual user, this report will show you every piece of content that user can access, as well as whether they have completed it. The report will also display the date when the view or completion happened, as well as whether the user is enrolled in that particular content.

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