Wisetail’s LMS supports SCORM and AICC files — and it’s very easy to upload and use a SCORM or AICC file within a module. Follow along to see how you can add SCORM/AICC content to your LMS.


Begin in the Admin tool by navigating to the Content tab and selecting the SCORM/AICC pill. This pill houses all SCORM/AICC content. It’s also the place where Admins can upload and edit SCORM/AICC files.

Click the blue ‘Add SCORM/AICC’ button and select the file to upload. Once uploaded, you’ll be in the SCORM/AICC profile where you’ll be required to designate a title and place an optional description.

Using SCORM/AICC is pretty straightforward, so the SCORM/AICC profile offers just a couple of options.

Change SCORM/AICC Thumbnail: In the upper right-hand corner, you can click the three dots within the Thumbnail to add an image from your computer.

Preview SCORM: This allows you to launch the SCORM/AICC file from the admin tool to see how it plays on the LMS.

Download SCORM: To the right of the Preview SCORM button you can select a drop-down arrow that allows you to download the SCORM file to your computer.

Once SCORM/AICC has been uploaded into this pill you can simply pull it into a module and start offering SCORM/AICC content to your users. If you have any further questions around SCORM, do not hesitate to contact your CX Team!

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